For our readers only: Special game goods discounts at G2A

XXI century. Contemporary world that brings never-ending process of development of our reality. The most stunning and developing branch of global economy is game trade. Video games are enormous business and the most successful games have budgets rivaling the most popular blockbusters. Call of Duty: Black Ops II has earn half million dollars in 24 hours since its premiere date.
The digital distribution of games has become hugely popular. One of the renowned companies which is primarily focused on digital sales is G2A.COM – – rapidly expanding, innovative sales platform. It offers over 440 different types of products such as:

*    PC games and DLCs
*    Xbox games and DLCs
*    Xbox Live Gold subscriptions
*    Xbox Points
*    Playstation Plus subscriptions
*    Playstation Network cards
*    Top-ups
*    iTunes
*MMO Epins and Timecards

Moreover, due to the possibility of purchasing activation code, player has instant access to the game (he downloads it from the Internet). This option is often much more cheaper than the traditional way of buying (e.g. you are not paying for packaging). The buyer has also the chance to receive a bonus, which is not available with the traditional purchasing.
G2A.COM is a brand that is getting more and more Clients each day not only in Europe, but also in other parts of the world. It has increasing number of new products and constantly improving its safety standards. Furthermore, the G2A.COM offers games which are often not available in physical stores. Therefore, the player who is looking for a unique and ambitious product, he may successfully find it on This is the list of the most popular and best-selling titles that are available on the platform at the moment:

Bioshock Infinitie – 17,99€,
World Of Warcraft Time Card 60 days – 19,99€,
Diablo 3 – 33,99€,
Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm – 24,99€,
Battlefield 3 Premium Edition –  23,99€.

Most of our Clients come back to buy new products and statistics confirm that. In addition, we are continuously expanding our group of contractors who are the future of our company and the gaming industry too. The most important objectives of G2A.COM are those that affect the development of our company,  the brands we work with and our customers – who are both amateur and professional video game players.
Playing is not just a fun – it’s also the opportunity to develop yourself. Game players while having fun, release endorphins and develop their own skills such as: spatial thinking, orientation field, eye-hand coordination, visual attention. Playing video games also help gamers learn foreign languages. There are a lot of players who have learnt English just because of playing their favourite games.
Contemporary world belongs to the Internet and computer games. It is so easy to see that everything is based on the latest technologies and the vast majority of our friends (if not all) are the gamers. This is also why we strive for excellence and gradually improve our brand’s presence to reach those who are the biggest fans of this industry. Games are our passion, they join us – our employees, customers and contractors. In the end, each of us, somewhere in the depths of the heart, is a Gamer.
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