EVE: Valkyrie announced at Gamescom

CCP, the company behind the popular MMO EVE Online , announced today that they are in the process of developing a new game set in the EVE universe called EVE: Valkyrie. It will be a multiplayer spaceship dogfighting game that will use virtual reality to fully immerse players in to the experience of being an actual fighter pilot in an EVE Online spaceship.

The game was originally conceived as a demo for the Oculus Rift back at EVE Fanfest as “EVE-VR,” but after garnering so much praise as a demo at E3 this last year, it only makes sense to develop it as a full-fledged game for the Oculus Rift.

The revealing of EVE: Valkyries also came with a cool trailer to give you a tiny taste of what to expect:

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