Ready for more Hell? Blizzard announces its first Diablo III expansion

It has been little over a year since Diablo III was released, but today we get our first information about the future of this franchise. In a new expansion titled Reaper of Souls, players will see a whole host of new features.

Reaper of Souls will feature a new playable class called the Crusader. The Crusader will be a mid-range type melee character similar to the Paladin. The level cap will be increased from 60 to 70, giving your current heroes a new high-end goal to reach. Most importantly to current players, Blizzard is redoing the entire loot system. Details are sparse about the improved loot system at this time but two changes we do know about are “smart drops” which promises more loot based on your class and “Loot Run” which you can guess will be a special random dungeon designed for killing lots of monsters and getting good loot.

The story of Reaper of Souls will center around Malthael, the Angel of Death. Maltheal has stolen the Black Soulstone and you of course will have to retrieve it. Blizzard promises a much darker story in this expansion.

Below are two trailers about Reaper of Souls. One is a cinematic trailer showcasing the story and the second shows off the new class and gameplay features. Blizzard has not given any information about a possible release date so your guess is as good as mine.