More screenshot teasing before GTA V release

Enough already Rockstar, please just take my money! I wonder what the staff at Rockstar Games feels before the launch of what is usually the biggest game of the year, knowing the check they will receive. For that matter I wonder what Activision, EA, Ubisoft feel when they know they are competing against GTA every few years or so. Grand Theft Auto has been the ‘Jay-z’ of videogames since GTA III, but since one of the most innovative games in history, Rockstar has not had a shortage of screen teases and video trailers. Rockstar Games updated their GTA V website with eight new screenshots and added three more selections to the virtual tour of Los Santos and Blaine County.

Below are the new screen shots:

A shot of more in-depth scenery with the sunset.


I wonder what they are growing in those fields?


This picture brings up a lot of nostalgia in terms of the cars in GTA III.


Tea time with the most dangerous men in Los Santos.


More great places to put a huge truck where it doesn’t belong.


The essence of what GTA is all about, do whatever you want, whenever you want.


Another shot of the depth GTA V has in scenery.


In GTA IV being in Liberty City it was hard to tell where the rich people were with the exception of some isolated areas. In GTA V it seems that not only the neighborhood but certain activities can classify your economic stature.

Without attempting to beat a dead horse, GTA V releases September 17th.