Last Black Ops II DLC now available for XBLA!

The last DLC for Call of Duty’s: Black Ops II is available now on Xbox Live.


Pod – A 1970’s modernized failed colony left several ‘Pods’ uninhabited off the side of a cliff creating a hostile war zone with interior advantages.

Takeoff – A close quarters combat arena similar to the original Black Ops multiplayer map ‘Stadium’.

Frost – Bridging the gap between two sides of a snow-capped European city, the terrain creates the need to use multiple strategies.

Dig – Similar to the popular map ‘Courtyard’ from World at War, this adaptation of the map includes new paths and raised platforms for all your shooter needs located right in the middle of a dig site.

Origins – This map takes us back to World War 1 France and the four original heroes. This map will revisit the same fields and trenches that made the zombies mode so popular.

Although Black Ops II’s Apocalypse is available for Xbox 360 now the release date has not yet been announced for PSN.