Nintendo announces cheaper handheld, 2DS

Nintendo has surprisingly announced a new addition to the DS family: the 2DS handheld.  The 2DS will allow users to play both DS and 3DS games in 2D at a price tag of $129.99, which is cheaper than the other 3DS systems currently available.  In addition to the lack of 3D gaming, the 2DS differs from the 3DS in that it has no hinge, so it doesn’t fold and it isn’t as compact as the others.  Nintendo is touting that the 2DS is a better value over the the more compact 3DS or the larger 3DS XL in hopes that the price tag will appeal to a broader audience.  The 2DS will be released on October 12 in black/blue and white/red colors.  Check out the videos to learn a little more about the new system:

What do you think?  Is it a good time for Nintendo to roll out a new handheld?  Is the cheaper price a good trade-off for a less-compact, non-3D DS? Let us know in the comments!