New label Midnight City to support indie developers

Yesterday, video game publisher Majesco Entertainment announced the formation of a new label, Midnight City Games.  This label was created with the intent to aid independent games developers to efficiently distribute their works on the multitude of digital distribution platforms arising not only on PC, but on consoles as well, such as XBLA and PSN.  Majesco hired two veterans to the gaming industry to help with the start-up of the label: Casey Lynch (former IGN Editor-in-Chief) and Doug Kennedy (previously the president and CEO of Reverb Communications and Reverb Publishing).  “We’re here to help with everything…and put a spotlight on titles while freeing the development teams to focus 100% of their energy on building the best games possible,” stated Lynch.

Majesco Entertainment is responsible for publishing games such as Psychonauts and Monaco, so they have worked with independent developers in the past, indicating a promising start for the new label.  The video below teases the ten games Midnight City will have for demonstration at PAX Prime this weekend, ranging from platformers and puzzles to sports and racing games (one horror game will even have support for the Oculus Rift!).  Hopefully labels like this one will start to bring more quality indie games into the spotlight for gamers to enjoy over a variety of platforms.  What do you think? Is this a boon to independent developers, or could it end up being a hindrance? Let us know in the comments!