Sony reveals new PS Vita Model and PS Vita TV

Sony Computer Entertainment announced a new PS Vita model at their press conference today. The new hardware will be available in six different colors and have an LCD screen with WiFi, longer battery life, and a built-in memory card (1GB),as well as the basic features of the previous iteration.  The new Vita is set to be released in Japan October 10 of this year and priced at 18980 yen (~$190 US).  Check out the video for a little more detail straight from the press release:

In addition to the new portable PS Vita, Sony also announced a distinct version of the Vita: the PS Vita TV (check out the fact sheet here).  This is not your typical handheld, in fact it’s not really a handheld at all.  It has the PS Vita hardware, but it lacks a screen or controls.  The idea here is that you can connect the Vita TV to, you guessed it, your big screen TV via HDMI and play Vita games with the use of a Dualshock 3 controller.  The Vita TV can also be used for remote play on the PS4, and you can play your PS4 games on another TV if the main one is in use.

One issue with the system is that not every PS Vita game would be playable: any game that requires the touch screen obviously wouldn’t work.  This is an interesting reveal; it looks like with the Vita TV, Sony is trying to compete directly with microconsoles like the Ouya.

Would you play the Vita more often if you could play it on your TV, or does it specifically interest you for its original intended purpose as a handheld?  I for one haven’t picked up a handheld in a while, so I can see Sony’s desire to put the system into more hands by giving people the option to play it on the TV.  But really why sell a completely distinct console rather than put this capability on the handheld PSVita itself?  Check out the video to get a little peek at what the PS Vita TV has to offer: