LEGO Friends gets its first gameplay trailer, creepy teenage girls overload and destroy my brain

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment just released the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming title, LEGO Friends, and oh boy, do those teenagers look less like LEGOs and more like frozen face nightmare horrors. Based on the popular toy line, LEGO Friends offers so much to do, it is simply STAGGERING: players can customize their hair, clothes, and pets; make friends and form bonds doing activities with each girl while also finding out about their unique personalities; explore the entire Heartlake City at their leisure; help their friends on events important to them to unlock “True Friend” status; take photos for their own personal scrapbook; care for and enter their pets in competition and also get a chance to play as them; and SHOP.

LEGO Friends will be out this autumn for the 3DS and DS. More info on the game can be found here. The trailer you heard so much about can be found below.

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