Ubisoft announces new Assassins Creed titles post Black Flag

Ubisoft is doing there usual ‘ramp up’ before the release of their new game at the end of October by adding titles for different platforms.

Assassins Creed: Liberation HD, which was originally exclusive to PS Vita, will now arrive on PC, PSN and XBLA. Liberation HD will have a complete overhaul in terms of HD graphics and gameplay to match the systems they will be released on, which suggests that Liberation HD will play as a fully functional expansion to AC3.

Also, Ubisoft is releasing Assassins Creed: Pirates for smartphone and tablet. Pirates will be similar to the makings of Black Flag. Ubisoft Paris is working on a new game engine to bring 3D-like graphics to the smartphone / tablet version with immersive gameplay to match Black Flag as much as possible.


Assassins Creed: Liberation HD Trailer


Assassins Creed: Pirates Trailer

Assassins Creed: Pirates will be available this fall, as for Liberation HD it was not announced when it will be available.