Indicade finalists announced!

This years Indicade is sure to be an awesome event.  Some of the most innovative, stunning and fun games have been submitted to this annual festival.  Dedicated widely to the international indie developers community, some of the gems to have come out from this festival in the past were Guacamele, Fez, The Unfinished Swan, Limbo and Braid!  How about that for credentials!?

After more than 850 submissions it looks as if there will be 36 finalists at Indiecade.  Out of those 36 some of the finalists include the recently released 90’s homage point and click adventure Gone Home, the stellar 2D platformer beat ’em up Guacamelee, the infinitely entertaining rogue-like Rogue Legacy, and stealth based 2D puzzle-platformer Gunpoint. These were all wonderful games in their own right, but are not the only ones. For the full list of games and links click here.

Aside from the judging of the 36 finalists by an international panel there will also be over 150 games made available to play!  These games will be available in the Indicade, PlayStation, Nintendo, Ouya and Oculus Rift exhibits.  The sixth annual Indicade festival will take place in downtown Culver City on the weekend of October 5th-6th.  Festival passes can be purchased here.  Show some support and I hope to see you there!