Steam rolls out Family Share plan

Looks like Steam is in the works of releasing a beta for a Family Share Plan.  What is this exactly?  Well, it’s Steam’s way of having people be able to share their digital libraries!  This is such exciting news; the masses have been waiting on a feature like this for quite some time now.

Let’s outline some quick points on it then you may be on your merry way to sign up for the beta yourself.  First, things first: you must authorize the computer in question to be able to share your library.  Yes, your entire library is shared once you authorize and up to 10 “devices” may be authorized.  The same game may not be played at the same time by the lender and borrower, but the lender will always have access.  If the borrower is playing the game while you try to launch it they will be prompted to quit the game and/or purchase it.  This ensures the lender will always have priority access to their library.

Users playing these borrowed games will also have access to any DLC you might have purchased for it, but will not be able to buy DLC themselves since they need to own the base game first.  They will however earn their own achievements and individual game progress will be saved to the Steam cloud.

If any of this sounds enticing to you, join the Family Share Group on Steam to be eligible for the first wave of participation.  Good luck and happy lending!