Deep Silver announces release date for Metro: Last Light Developer DLC pack

Deep Silver has announced that the latest DLC pack for Metro: Last Light will be available for purchase on September 17th.

The “Developer” DLC pack will include a shooting range, so players can take all of the game’s weapons for a spin, an Arena mode, which allows players to pit teams of humans and monsters against one another, and a Museum mode, which allows players to view all of the game’s characters and enemies up close (without the threat of taking a bullet or bite to the face of course).

A brand new single-player  mission, called “The Spider’s Nest”, has also been added and leaves players with just a flamethrower to fight their way out of a spider-infested catacomb.

The “Developer” DLC pack will be available through Steam, Xbox LIVE, and PSN for a price of $3.99.

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