Valve will offer Steam agreements to IGF finalists

Finalists in the upcoming Independent Games Festival will be offered distribution agreements by Valve in order to bring their visions to computer gamers, according to the IGF blog.  This year will be the 16th annual festival, which in previous years has brought games like Super Meat BoyLimbo, and Braid to the gaming community’s attention.  Last year, over 900 applicants submitted their entries, including the roguelike game FTL: Faster Than Light.

There are a number of categories a game can win in, such as visual art, audio, and design, as well as the nuovo award, in which the festival encourages developers to enter games that are “abstract, shortform, and unconventional.”  Finalists in all categories will be approached by Valve to work on bringing their games onto the Steam platform.

Open calls for submissions started last month, and will be open until mid-to-late October, depending on the type of submission.  Announcements of the finalists will be provided in January 2014, and the winners will be named later on March 19.