The King of Fighters XIII gets all Steamed up for a PC release

SNK Playmore has announced that their popular fighter, The King of Fighters XIII, is now available worldwide through Steam. Gamers can look forward to a vastly improved netcode for lag-free online matches across the globe (which is great for fighters since they usually require MATHEMATICAL PRECISION), a graphics option feature to customize the game to your PC’s settings (mine is from the year 2000, and is therefore ancient), and a roster of 36 combatants, including console DLC characters Mr. Karate, NESTS-style Kyo, and Iori with the Power of Flames unlocked from the start.

The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition can be purchased for $30 here, complete with a trailer showing off the game’s beautiful 2D hand-drawn sprites. I have always leaned more towards KOF than Street Fighter, so I’m quite ecstatic over this news!

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