Fuel Overdose sets a different kind of benchmark

Using a different sort of marketing strategy for their game Fuel Overdose, indie developer I-Friqiya announced today that they have set a new sales benchmark that is on par with what GTA V has done, albeit in the complete opposite direction. With sales totaling only 600 units sold since the games release in December 2012 in Europe and March 2013 in North America, Fuel Overdose is in a position to be considered, and this is in I-Friqiya’s own words, “the worst selling console game of all time.”

Normally those kind of numbers would be enough to consider the game a flop, allowing it to fade in to obscurity amidst plenty of other games that have met similar fates in regards to sales, but I-Friqiya seems to be using the performance of Fuel Overdose as a marketing strategy to try and move more units. The tone of their press release is fairly tongue in cheek from the outset, referring to the people who reviewed the game well as possibly being drunk on top of seemingly taking pride in having a game that has performed so poorly. They also take a shot at the state of the indie game market in general asking other developers to “publish their sales figures to challenge Fuel Overdose’s performance and unveil a part of the truth regarding the current situation of the digital download markets.” It is a statement that seems to indicate that the current landscape of smaller games finding homes on various digital platforms may not be turning all that much of a profit for that many people.

In the meantime, Fuel Overdose is on sale in the European Playstation Store for €1.99 over the next two days although it remains $11.99 here in North America.

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