PC gamers petition for GTA

Change.org rears its head again in the gaming world, this time towards the years most popular game.

A petition has recently began to circulate to push Rockstar Games to create a PC version of hit game GTA V. The creator of this petition Mike Julliard had this to say:

“I’m disappointed that Rockstar Games is failing to acknowledge more than 450,000 gamers who have signed my petition on Change.org. As Grand Theft Auto fans from over 200 countries around the world, we are just trying to make sure that even more customers can have access to this iconic game.”

Because of the nature of GTA V and its record breaking release, the petition itself has drawn up some interesting stats:
– Largest game petition launched on Change.org

– 10th largest global campaign on Change.org

– Most viewed petition

– 40,000 + Signatures since the games release

The petition allows comments from the people willing to sign. One comment was quoted, “I’m sick and tired of being left out.” With GTA V making an astonishing amount of money just on release day, it is safe to say that Rockstar wont be making any PC versions of GTA V for some time.

For those of you who have consoles and have been playing GTA V, put down the controller! It is possible that the controller can stick to your hands permanently.