Valve announces SteamOS, first of three new changes

Valve teased last week that they would be releasing three pieces of information throughout the week talking about their efforts to make Steam software more accessible in the living room through televisions.  According to the site, these announcements will relate to the Big Picture software they released into beta last year, which allowed for people to use Steam more easily with game controllers and on the television instead of with a monitor/keyboard combination.

The first piece of information was released this morning, and it’s a big one: Steam is releasing its own operating system, SteamOS!  Those hard at work at Valve think that the best way to bring the ease of use and value of Steam to their couch-preferring customers is to release a free OS built around the software.  Linux-based, the OS will be dedicated to bringing its users the best gaming experience it can to the big screen.  The site claims to have made significant progresses in graphics processing at the operating system level, and are currently working on improving audio and input latency.  With this new operating system, Valve is hoping to bring both producers of content and those who consume it together in a way that is more direct and faster than the current setup.  This “cooperating system” is intended to foster creativity and innovation in such a way that both the developers and the consumers win.

This is exciting news, but something people were definitely anticipating.  Hopefully this culminates in the release of the “Steam Box.”  SteamOS is due out “soon,”  and we will bring you more details as they come!