Beautiful opening cinematic unveiled for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Today, Square Enix revealed the 5 minute opening trailer to their upcoming RPG, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It’s got it all: drama and action between Lightning and her former ally, Snow, breathtaking visuals, and the most annoying voice attached to a character named Lumina. Check it out unless you want to be surprised when you first start up the game, in which case AVERT YOUR EYES:

That cinematic seemed to last so long that I was pressing buttons on my imaginary controller wanting to get in on the action. Lightning Returns: FFXIII is looking to release February 11th, 2014 for the PS3 and 360 for $60. PlayStation gamers will also get the option to download the title through the PSN the same day. Check out the official website here. Anyone ready to purchase based on that intro?

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