Three volume score to the game GTA V now available on iTunes

The best soundtrack in gaming is now available on iTunes!

iTunes has released three volumes from the game categorized as such.

Volume #1 – Original Music, this contains the music that was heard in the official GTA V trailer. Songs include:

– Neon Indian / Change of Coast

– Flying Lotus / Stonecutters

– A$AP Rocky / r-Cali

Volume #2 – The Score, this consists of in mission and cut scene music likely all instrumental with the help of music producer Woody Jackson who also worked on L.A. Noire and Red Dead Redemption… both Rockstar-produced games.

Volume #3 – The Soundtrack, hit songs typically found while driving or flying and listening to the radio. Songs include:

– Bob Segar / Hollywood Nights

– Weirdos / Life of Crime

– Simple Minds / All the Things She Said

Head to the Rockstar Games website to hear samples from all 17 radio stations. Game On!