Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist brings it on Homeland with latest DLC

Ubisoft has announced that the Homeland DLC Pack for Splinter Cell Blacklist is now available for the PS3, 360, PC, and Wii U versions of the title, for $7. What do all those Washingtons get you? FABULOUSNESS:

New Co-op Missions

Billionaire’s Yacht Co-op Map – this plot-related mission sees players infiltrating a rich man’s boat one day after a lavish party in the Coral Sea, probably to take all the drunkards home in a calm and dignified manner (SOBRIETY FTW).

Dead Coast Co-op Map – gamers get a chance to take out a terrorist cell in the Middle East and NOT a chance to take out the undead as a badass spy, no matter how cool that sounds.

Weapons, Gear, Etc.

Crossbow With Sleeping Gas Bolts – a new weapon to make your enemies feel asleep from a distance.

Upper Echelon Suit – this outfit offers great protection against gunfire and also acts as camouflage.

4E Eclipse Suit – a suit that offers Sam protection and allows him to hold more gadgets, hopefully as much as Snake in MGS, which was INFINITE.

Gold, Amber And White Goggles – change the lights on Sam’s eyewear so foes can easily notice you and your bling.

Exclusive Mercs And Spy Skin – make yourself pretty and your friends jealous.

More information on Blacklist can be seen right here. Anyone parting with some dough to get these ample bonuses?

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