Merc Elite: Bigpoint reveals Tactician

Alright soldiers, listen up! German game developer, Bigpoint, has disclosed new information regarding the third of its five playable classes in the brand new military MOBA, Merc Elite. The Tactician, master of drones and strategic ace, comes to the battlefield armed with his wits, sharp eye sight and a wide array of gadgets to help fend off the enemy and support his allies.

But perhaps what makes the Tactician such a powerful asset to any Merc group is his passive ability to scan foreign territory for enemies. With such a skill at their command, Tactician players will be able to call in strike drones and wipe out opponents before giving them any chance to defend or retaliate.

Identical to the previous classes revealed, with enough experience Merc Elite users can advance and customize their Tactician through eight various character tiers, further enhancing the Tactician’s unique skills and abilities.

If you haven’t heard of Merc Elite, don’t worry. The open-beta is currently only available in Scandinavia, Turkey and the Russian speaking territories. If you do currently have access to the game, Bigpoint is allowing players to keep any progress achieved during the beta, even after its official release in Fall 2013. For more information on Merc Elite gameplay and other playable classes, visit the Bigpoint website.