Come mid-October, Halo 3 is free for Xbox Live Gold members

Microsoft announced this morning that Halo 3 ($14.99) would be available for free to download for Xbox Live Gold members starting October 16.  Those who haven’t played the 2007 game (how many of you are there?), or those who want to relive the fun will get the chance to play the finale to the original trilogy, bringing down the Covenant and taking care of the Flood for good.  Or if you’re more inclined, load up some good old multiplayer to take on other gamers in some of the classic maps.  Get ready to have some fun with Halo again!

If you already own Halo 3, fear not!  Starting tomorrow and running until October 15th, you will have the chance to download the RPG/puzzle game Might and Magic Clash of Heroes ($14.99) for free as well.  The award-winning turn-based fantasy game includes a single-player campaign as well as online and local 4-player battle modes.  Hopefully at least one of these two titles is enough to get you through the month, until the next batch of games are available for download!