Everything you need to know about the GTA Online release

Are you excited for Grand Theft Auto…again? GTA Online is mere hours away from launching and there are some things we know and most likely some things we don’t know about the launch. Let’s explore this.

What we know:
GTA Online will launch on Tuesday October 1st.

– Customizable Characters.

– Join crews to tackle robberies and heists.

– Content Creator that can be published to the public to use.

What we don’t know:
– What time it will launch. GTA V‘s website has informed us that it should be around 7am ET. This all depends when the update for PSN and XBLA become available.

– How it will perform. At first glance, like every GTA game released, glitches are accepted as a part of the culture of the game, where as other games are scrutinized for it. We should expect GTA Online to go off without a hitch, but as noted on GTA V‘s website and several interviews with Rockstar Games they expect glitches as ask the public to be patient with there product.

– Although most of the announcements for GTA Online cover everything, GTA V‘s website does give specifics to those announcements. Such as how they avoid disasters in terms of inviting people over to your purchased pad. Especially since a lot of players can and most likely will buy GTA cash with real money. Rockstar Games is doing everything they can to avoid damage control when spending real money. For example: You invite a random stranger over to your sweet new loft and he comes in during a dinner party to secretly wire it with sticky bombs.

For a complete listing of all of this (I would say important) information, go to THIS LINK.