Adventure game The Cave coming SO SOON to App Store

In case you missed legendary designer Ron Gilbert’s adventure game, The Cave, when it released earlier this year on consoles and PC, now is your chance to grab it on the go. SEGA and Double Fine Productions have just announced a date and price for the mobile version of the title: on October 3rd, mere DAYS from now, gamers can download The Cave for 4.99 / £2.99/ €4.49 for the iPod touch, iPad and iPhone through the App Store.

Named Game Informer’s Best Game of E3 2012, The Cave sees players assemble teams of three from seven playable protagonists with their own personalities, backstories, and REASONS for going into the fabled cave, only now the game has been super enhanced with new touch screen controls. Adventure games that are point-and-click in nature, something Gilbert had experience with designing Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, lend themselves wonderfully to a touchscreen format; I have no doubt then that The Cave, with its point-and-click heritage and the blood of Guybrush Threepwood himself running through its veins, will feel right at home on iOS.

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