Guild Wars 2 Twilight Assault live today

The latest update for Guild Wars 2, Twilight Assault, is going live today, October 1st. Twilight Assault continues ArenaNet’s promise to give players new content every two weeks, and in this new update problems are arising in Twilight Arbor. All signs are pointing towards Scarlet Briar, leader of the Aetherblades, as the reason behind the recent issues. Thus, players will team up with the Sylvari hero Caithe in an attempt to put an end to Scarlet’s scheming in the new event Level 80 Path in Twilight Arbor.

This update also includes some new rewards:

  • Achievement Rewards: Players completing Twilight Assault can earn the new, glowing Slickpack back item, or a miniaturized version of one of the most powerful foes that lurk in Twilight Arbor.
  • Exotic Nightmare Weapons: Players can obtain a new version of the Nightmare weapons via rare drops by foes in Twilight Arbor explorable mode.
  • Aether Chests: Players can collect Aether Key Pieces from across Tyria, combining five to form a key that will open Aether Chests in Twilight Arbor.

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