Kick-Ass 2 to be released in November

I think all of us dressed up like our favorite super hero when we were growing up. I remember running around in my backyard with my Superman cape on, hiding out in my own Fortress of Solitude and defiantly not kneeling before Zod.

Now we can all live out our childhood fantasies in the comfort of our own living room. Kick-Ass 2 has just been announced for a November 2013 release on PC and console. A classic beat-’em-up style game where you can play as Kick-Ass, Hit Girl, and many other super heroes and defeat bad guys all over town. With upgradable skills and a wide assortment of melee weapons, no ass will go unkicked.

No need to wear your super hero outfit. Although, it might help you find your own Night Bitch to snuggle with.

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