Gaymerconnect announces the bigger, better, improved GaymerX2 convention for July 2014

The peeps at Gaymerconnect announced the upgraded GaymerX2 convention for July 2014. The sequel to GaymerX, which was a convention that focused on queer geek culture, GaymerX2 promises to be bigger, better, and more awesome than this year’s; which is gonna be tough because there was a Portal wedding proposal, for Christ’s sake! Indeed, GaymerX was memorable: it ran this past August and took place in Japantown, San Francisco, and included guests like Ellen McLain, Pandora Boxx, Anna Anthropy and speakers such as Jessica Merizan, George Skleres, Jared Rea, Christine Love, and Porpentine.

How does one top such amazingness? For starters, the Gaymerconnect community has listened to fans, gotten a bigger venue, and has extended the convention, so GaymerX2 will be taking place at the InterContinental San Francisco Hotel for three and a half days. The hotel is three times the space of GaymerX, and has a spa, pool, two ballrooms for fancy dancing, a Presidential Suite that may contain an Obama or two, and a Michelin Star rated restaurant (which means the Michelin Tire Man approves, I guess? I don’t trust tires with their opinions on cuisine). Guests next year will include David Gaider, Mattie Brice, Alexis Ohanian, Gordon Bellamy, Jaime Woo, and John Scalzi, and musicians like 2 Mello and Virt, as well as returning faces like Ellen McLain, John Patrick Lowrie, and Zach Weinersmith. Logo TV will be returning to their media sponsor duties, as well.

There is gonna be a special surprise at GaymerX2 to go with the new sponsors (like Cards Against Humanity, aka The Card Game For Your Inner Evil Bastard), panels, and mixers: a fabulous wedding to go with this year’s epic proposal! Ellen McLain, GLaDOS herself, helped two lovers propose to each other with a lovely song this past August (tear-inducing video incoming) :

These two will be having a “Gaymer Wedding” at GaymerX2 and everyone is invited to join in, which is just delightful!

Co-founder of GaymerX, Matt Conn, had these important words to share about the convention: “For games to be taken seriously as the pieces of art that they are, they can’t live in a culture that is afraid to tackle and discuss issues like gender, sexuality, race, and identity. The amount of support that we’ve gotten for GaymerX shows that the gaming community is coming around to the idea of having serious debates on how to improve the medium.”

Gamers of every orientation are invited to take part in GaymerX2, July11-13th, 2014. Visit the GaymerX website for more details. A safe space for every conceivable type of nerd? I am gonna try my best to go! Anyone else excited?!

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