Valve security breach reveals internal staff list assigned to Half-Life 3

A day after Valve trademarked Half-Life 3, a second piece of possible confirmation that this is possibly/actually happening came through a security breach. The Mirror reports that a Valve database “briefly became open to the public”, revealing internal staff lists for the production of Half-Life 3. 46 staff members were assigned to the Half-Life 3 group, while another 10 were assigned to a group called “Half-Life 3 Core”. The Mirror also reports that a lot of these people also worked on Half-Life 2, Left 4 Dead, and Portal.

Screenshot of Valve staff roster.

Again, this is no solid confirmation, but things are surely pointed in the right direction for those who have been waiting for a proper successor to HL2. Let’s see if Valve comes out with any statements in the near future.

Images courtesy of The Mirror and