Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, your new secret shame, coming to mobile devices

And just when I was getting my life back on track. Nimblebit, developer of the addictive free-to-play indie Tiny Towers, has announced they are partnering with Disney to release Star Wars: Tiny Death Star across all mobile devices.

So, is it going to pretty much be Tiny Towers in a Star Wars skin? Yes. And am I going to spend so much time hiding in the restroom at work playing it that none of my coworkers will be able to make direct eye contact with me? Also yes. Whereas Tiny Towers was a game about building floors in a tower, Star Wars: Tiny Death Star will be a game about building floors in a tower…in space! Players will join Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader as they strive to construct an all-new Death Star, building floors, running businesses and drawing residents and customers alike to their newly renovated 8-bit space station/super weapon.

No matter your opinion on ant farm-styled strategy games, the combination of Tiny Tower‘s obsessive-compulsive gameplay and Star War’s beloved characters and creatures is a marketing move more brilliantly insidious than, well, Darth Sidious.