Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is getting a remake

It’s been 20 years since occult detective Gabriel Knight was first on the scene, but he’ll be returning, spells and all, come 2014.

In an interview with GameTrailers, Jane Jensen, the creator and writers of the series, disclosed that she’s working on a remake of the classic point and click adventure game.

The new release of the game will be licensed through Jensen’s own indie company, Pinkerton Road, and developed by Activision.    It’ll retain the same gameplay, but the graphics will be updated.  Unfortunately, Tim Curry will not be reprising his role as Gabriel.  Instead, Jensen will be working with Bay Area Studios, the same acting company that works with Telltale.

When asked whether this might signal the way for an new GK game, Jensen said she believed if she was able to build a good relationship with Activision, that possibilities might be on the horizon.  When asked about GK4, she said she has two plot possibilities stored away but doesn’t want to spoil the surprise.