Fight for everlasting charity: Mega Man X marathon hopes to raise money for Child’s Play

A local videogame organization called Storm Unity (and not Storm Eagle because that would have been too eerily appropriate) will be hosting their 2nd marathon gaming session this Saturday, October 12th. Called the Mega Man X Charity Marathon, this 24 hour event will be broadcast live here, and all donations will go to Child’s Play for sick children across the country.

Starting at 12 p.m., the folks at Storm Unity will be going through all eight main Mega Man X games on their original platforms, so expect a lot of console and disc switching (guys, there is a Mega Man X Collection, you know). Viewers will be able to submit monetary donations for a chance to win raffle prizes, and help celebrate Mega Man’s 25th anniversary (I didn’t even know because Capcom seems to have forgotten to acknowledge this milestone).

Storm Unity’s first marathon event (through the original ten Mega Man games) raised $1,250 back in February, and the group is hoping to hit $5,000 this time around. Some heavy hitters in the industry have already contributed to raffle donations, including Harmonix Music, Ubisoft Entertainment, Iron Galaxy Studios, hip-hop artist Megaran, and Capcom (I’ll cut them a little slack for that).

More info about the event can be found here, and Storm Unity also has a Twitter page gamers can view. Check out a trailer for the marathon below with amazing voice acting from the PS titles!

It warms my heart to see players play through so many games that can be frustratingly difficult for the little ones. Anyone contributing to the cause? Here, have some Storm Eagle Acapella to celebrate the upcoming occasion!

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