LeapTrade a new way to trade games

UPDATE: Trading is done peer-to-peer, not directly through the site.

If game developers weren’t pissed off enough as it is.

LeapTrade, a strict trade-only website that allows the trades based on titles and points. The points are based on a separate metric that is parallel to pricing in the industry today. Through a self proclaimed secure system, gamers must send their game in to the website, paying $3.49 for shipping gamers will be sent a label for $3.49 that will be addressed to the gamer that you will be trading with, allowing for a peer-to-peer transaction, and wait for the traded game to be sent back at no additional cost after the points have been spent. If the gamer you are attempting to trade with “stiffs” you and doesn’t send a game to you, Leaptrade will step in and offer up an equal value trade.

One would have to question the move to open a dot com in regards to trading video games, with the growing restrictions for online play and disc to specific console use being all the rage today.