The Cartridge Family: comedy series debut!

While there are many web series or shorts devoted to video game themes, not all have the funding or casting to make a real dent. Creator Jackson Stewart and Director William Rot have put together a hilarious short called, The Cartridge Family: The Battle for Employment. It features three iconic video game heroes Sergio, Roboman, and Twink as they try to adjust to normal life after being ejected from their worlds and into ours.

If the premise seems simple or short-sighted, I can assure you that the content far exceeds the pitch and has hilarious potential! A thirty-something gamer loosing three violent video game heroes onto Earth can only bring endless trouble, and if Mel Nixon Productions and Screw Attack can get the Indiegogo funding they need, they’ll be able to produce six more episodes to make a complete first season!

The Cartridge Family is definitely adult material so unless you’re turned away by some blood, cursing, and hilarious video game references (the prison scene alone is worth watching a few times just to see all the video game graffiti on the wall) you have to give The Cartridge Family a try! While I was skeptical at first and the characters took some getting used to (a Lifer like me doesn’t take parodies from his childhood lightly), I was laughing even before the halfway mark. Even if you watch this twice I doubt you’d catch every single video game reference or nod.

There are some awesome one-liners and you can tell from the graphics and sets that Stewart and Rot have thrown everything they have into getting The Cartridge Family onto the web regularly. The full short is below, hopefully one of many more to come! Visit their official website for images and cast listing and again, visit their Indiegogo page for incentives and their funny proposal delivered by the three heroes. Now enjoy The Cartridge Family: The Battle for Employment and let us know what you think!