Deep space terror in SOMA

If you ever played Amnesia: The Dark Descent then you know the kind of horror and unsettling moments Frictional Games is capable of producing.  Well, get ready for a sci-fi horror experience unlike anything before.  SOMA, is the new IP by Frictional Games.  We previously posted the original live action video here, but this is the first actual teaser trailer to be released.

Frictional Games has arguably brought back life into the horror game genre.  The innovative controls to Amnesia were a big part of this.  Instead of using the traditional technique in horror games of empowering the player with a means to fight back (guns, powers, etc) Frictional Games created a world where your only recourse from the monstrosities it spawns are to hide.  Yet, hiding reduces your “sanity” thus making it a mechanic that you simply can’t overuse.  This created a tension in a way that had not been done in other horror titles.

This new title, SOMA, seems more ambitious than what they did with Amnesia.  Taking place in space the only details out are that it explores the human consciousness.  Delving into what exactly is a soul and can such things be replicated.  Very deep stuff.  According to Frictional Games Co-Founder Thomas Grip, “It is meant to chill you at the core and confront you with questions about your very existence.” as was shown on the PlayStation Blog.

SOMA, won’t be released until 2015 for the PlayStation 4 and PC.