Merc Elite: Bigpoint reveals Juggernaut

He’s big. He’s bad. He’s the fourth class revealed in Bigpoint’s new, military-themed MOBA, Merc Elite. He’s the Juggernaut, Shield and Strike!

The Juggernaut is a powerhouse that excels in protection and deflection. Armed with a shotgun and high-tech shield, the Juggernaut can not only dish out damage but also takes hits like a man. He is equipped with a bola that he shoots to keep enemies at bay or stop them from escaping. Combine that with his crippling EMP Grenade (aptly named “Authority”) that stuns all surrounding hostiles and you have one mercenary you don’t want to piss off.

As with every class in Merc Elite you’re able to specialize the Juggernaut through eight different character tiers. By granting him additional abilities you will increase his already high level of threat on the battlefield, causing your allies to be happy you are on their side.

Merc Elite is scheduled to be released sometime in the autumn of 2013. The Open Beta is currently on going and Bigpoint is allowing players to keep any progress they’ve made in the game after Merc Elite goes live. However, American players be wary, Merc Elite’s servers are based in Germany, so you may experience some delay while playing. To learn more about Merc Elite, the Juggernaut, and how to get your own beta key, check out their Facebook page or go to their website.