How you will interact with friends on Xbox One

With only a month to go until two new consoles are in the market it stands to reason we’re gonna start getting a better look at the user interfaces. This morning Microsoft has released a short video showing off their new Friends application.

As expected, the Friends app is all about how you will interact with your current Xbox friends and the overall Xbox community. As previously reported Xbox One will let you have 1000 friends over the current 100 on Xbox 360. To help keep all those friends organized you will be to group friends into a favorites list so you can easily see what your core gamer friends are up to. You will also have a news feed akin to Facebook and will be able to see a constant live feed of what your friends are doing.

One major new change will be the follower system. Just like twitter you will be able to follow an unlimited number of Xbox gamers and see what there playing and what videos they are posting. Microsoft believes this will be a good way to follow high profile gamers and a great way to discover new Xbox friends.

We have the walkthrough below; check it out and let us know what you think.