Type:Rider makes fonts fun

Just what the world has been clamoring for, a game about typography! Okay, so maybe it’s just what the world of graphic designers has been clamoring for, but Type:Rider, published by BulkyPix and developed by Ex Nihilo in collaboration with Arte, is enjoyable for anyone who appreciates a unique puzzle platformer with great graphics, music and design.

You are a colon tasked with navigating through ten stages of typographical history, from prehistoric cave paintings t0 Egyptian Hieroglyphics to American Art Deco. Each era uses a different font as a theme, which means you’ll be rolling and jumping your way through levels composed of letters from such seminal fonts as Garamond, Helvetica, Times New Roman and Pixel. There’s even a secret level devoted to the much-maligned Comic Sans.

Type:Rider isn’t perfect. For example, there are ironically a fair number typos in the unlockable reading material about the history of type – but it more than makes up for its shortcomings by being chock full of imagination and ingenuity. It makes fonts fun.

Type:Rider is available now in the App Store.