Watch_Dogs developer interview

With a release date of just a little over a month away, (11/19/13) many questions still remain pertaining to Ubisoft’s open world title that will use hacking as a core gameplay mechanic. sat down with Watch_Dogs lead story designer, Kevin Shortt recently for some very interesting tidbits about the game based in the Windy City.  Here’s a synopsis of the interview, or just click the link to see it in its entirety.

At the beginning of the game Aiden Pearce, the story’s main character, is a sort of anti-hero, but his actions are motivated by a family tragedy.  He is desperately trying to protect his family and is almost “obsessed” with it.  His actions throughout the story will be stemming from this motivation.  Aiden, also was a “Fixer”.  This is basically a mercenary that “understands hacking very well”.  From time to time Aiden will be able to fulfill Fixer contracts to earn money.  Money may also be obtained from hacking people’s bank accounts which has been shown off in previous trailers.

While working through the main story campaign you work towards obtaining a headquarters of sorts that helps Aiden monitor the goings of Chicago.  Smaller hideouts may also be unlocked throughout the map which makes accessibility much more convenient.  While in any of these locations Aiden will have the ability to access and armory and even change his wardrobe.

Fast travel will be available in some capacity, but for the most part the developers are encouraging players to experience the city by driving or on foot.  The extent of the fast travel is not yet known.  Lastly, you will have an underground car contact that keeps a library of all “your cars”.  The information to any vehicle you get in will be sent to your contact where he will then add the car to your current library.  Also, any registration that is hacked can be sent to your contact as well.  Once the information is obtained you may call your contact and any one of those vehicles will be delivered to you.

Thanks to Ausgamers’ interview of Kevin Shortt for some great new information.  This looks to be one of the more innovative games to be released this year and is definitely highly anticipated.  Will keep an eye out for more, but for now I’ll leave you with this great trailer.