Wield the power of choice with Skylanders SWAP Force

The third installment of the Skylanders series, Skylanders SWAP Force, has hit store shelves. The installment introduces players to 16 new characters that can swap their top and bottom halves and essentially mixing their powers and moves. In total, there will be 250 character combinations within the 16 new characters.

Skylanders SWAP Force also features new abilities such as flying, climbing, and teleporting, which will make traveling an ease throughout Skylands. There will be also new Battle and Survival mode arenas.


Swapping the top and bottom half of the new 16 characters will result in different combinations of powers and moves.

Nintendo 3DS players will get an exclusive platform-specific game levels and storyline. In addition, the 3DS version will feature three new characters (Rattle Shake, Volcanic Eruptor, and Free Ranger) that are exclusive to the platform.

To find out more about the third installment of the Skylanders series, Skylanders SWAP Force, visit http://www.skylanders.com/.