New WoW starter package now available

If you have never joined the wondrous online world of World of Warcraft, right now might be the best opportunity to join.  Announced on the Blizzard site, for a measly $19.99  you can get World of Warcraft and expansions Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King and now also includes Cataclysm.

This new “starter package” will replace the previously labeled “Battle Chest” which Cataclysm was not included in.  For current subscribers these expansions, with all their content and features, will be available for free.  All that leaves is Mists of Panderia as the only expansion that is still set at its normal price.

About the author: Alex Pineda
Alex Pineda.
Alex Pineda currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where he partakes in all kinds of nerdery. Alex, has been playing video games since he first got his tiny paws on a Nintendo Entertainment System at...  Read more...


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