Square Enix releases gameplay teaser for Kingdom Hearts III

Square Enix revealed a work-in-progress gameplay trailer for Kingdom Hearts III yesterday at the D23 Expo in Tokyo.  As might be expected, we get to see Sora and the gang fight some good old Heartless with a fighting style that seems to be on par with the other two console games.  The trailer showcases both melee and some fire attacks used by Sora (at one point with Keyguns?) in what appears to be Twilight Town, but we also get to see a couple of new, light-littered abilities as well: the Pirate Ship and Big Magic Mountain.  The Pirate Ship ability looks to be water-based and is shown facing off against a few Heartless, while the Big Magic Mountain is a roller coaster you ride to help you take on Lythos, the Rock Titan from Hercules (possibly in the Olympus Coliseum?). Check out the trailer below to see it all for yourself, and remember the game is still a work-in-progress.  It will be a long while before we will get our hands on it, but from this footage everything appears to be on the right track (pun intended).  Kingdom Hearts III has no official release date yet, but is set to be released for both the PS4 and the Xbox One.