Season premiere episode of The Wolf Among Us now available on all platforms

Those who have been craving for the second season of Telltale Games’s The Walking Dead can check out the first episode of the same developer’s newest game, The Wolf Among Us.

The Wolf Among Us is an adaptation of Bill Willingham’s comic book series, Fables. Published by Vertigo, the comic books and the game follows Bigby Wolf, a man once infamously known as the “Big Bad Wolf.” The Wolf Among Us is set before the events of the first issue of the Fables comics, where Bigby is the sheriff of a hidden New York City community. Bigby, and players, will meet the interesting characters of the comic book series, from a chain-smoking member of the Three Little Pigs to the bureaucrat Snow White and her sister, Rose Red.

As Bigby, players will meet interesting characters throughout the game.

The Wolf Among Us features almost the same gameplay elements as The Walking Dead. It is an interactive drama where players are given choices within the game that will change the non-playable characters’ behaviors and endings. At times during the game, players will be faced with action sequences, where they will have to input a set of commands to progress the game. A few new elements in The Wolf Among Us are the option to walk faster and inverted controls.

Just like The Walking Dead, the first season of The Wolf Among Us features a set of episodes, five to be exact, that make up the whole game. The first episode, titled “Faith,” is out for all the platforms now.

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