Don’t be scared to play Alone on the Oculus Rift


We’ve all gotten a bit nervous playing a horror game at night by ourselves. Every small sound can cause chills. Greenwood Games is developing a new horror game within a game for the Oculus Rift called Alone that builds on that concept.

The game is set in a digital house, where the player sits on the couch playing The Witching Hour late at night. The VR living room is fairly standard: couch, television, family belongings, and unexplained shadows flickering in the peripheral vision. But, soon the player becomes aware of muffled footsteps or the feeling of being watched.

The further along the on-screen game progresses, the more likelihood whiplash might become a danger.

Alone is currently up for funding on KickStarter with some awesome backer rewards. Pledge as little as $10 for a digital copy of the game. The highest backer tier of $5000 will get a custom game with their very own living room digitally recreated in the game for added immersion. Greenwood Games is offering a ten minute demo of Alone for those lucky enough to have the Oculus Rift developers kit. If not, enjoy this short video of YouTube personality PewDiePie playing Alone.

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