Get your game on with Beer Pong


Although we don’t like to admit it, we all need help on our gaming skills, even when it comes to beer pong.  JV games is aware of this fact, so they’re re-releasing their 2008 Wii release Pong Toss under the new title, Beer Pong.  The new simulation will find its home on the PS store on Tuesday, October 22nd.

When it originally released in 2008, the game received backlash from parents and activist groups for promoting alcohol consumption, but that hasn’t stopped JV games from bringing in the goods.  They’ve re-invented the old title and added new gameplay modes.  There’s Beer Pong, a game for one to four players, or Speed Pong, a game for three that allows you to “screw your neighbor” by flipping, adding, or shrinking your opponent’s cups.  Controls will be handled via the PS Move controller, and there will be full trophy implementation.  Sounds like a good time for all.