New Crowdfunded Augemented Reality Game

Augmented reality is making a name for itself in today’s gaming world. A campaign named ZONE, on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, is showing us just that. ZONE’s lastest creation, AR.PURSUIT, puts gamers in control of real life RC jets and pits the players against one another as they go on missions. Now here comes the cool part: planes can be manipulated and flown from anywhere in the world by simply using a cell phone device.

Matches will consist of 3 teams of 6 players. They get a mission which will require them to reach a destination somewhere on a map. During the mission, however, players will need to dog fight it out with the other teams as they try and shoot down enemy planes with automatic machine guns and missiles. A typical match of AR.PURSUIT is anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes, and with live video feed coming from different angles (such as plane cockpits and wings), pilots and spectators alike will definitely enjoy the show.

ZONE’s Indiegogo campaign goal is $300,000, and donating has its perks. Contributors who invest $50 or more get to put their John Hancock on the first RC jet made for the game, as well as have their picture taken with it. If you love this campaign idea and want to support it further, you can donate $200 and become a “Chosen One.” Chosen Ones get to be some of the first beta-testers, and party it up during the AR.PURSUIT’s launch party. With a little under three weeks left, gamers have until November 8th to contribute. Go to their campaign website to learn more and contribute to this awesome looking augmented reality game. Welcome to the future!