Russian Roulette… with Hamsters

Do you hate hamsters and have a passion for handguns? Do I have a game for you! Pet Roulette by Nevistech, is a game of Russian Roulette, with hamsters in the hot seat. Live dangerously as you play with the lives of harmless rodents, putting their fate in your hands. Don’t worry though, they have it coming. Probably.

Players will have the option of competing with their friends and themselves as they try to up their score and unlock new achievements. As gamers progress through Pet Roulette they will be able to unlock additional types of ammunition, get higher scores and most importantly, further terrorize those cute little hamsters by killing them OR saving them. All pets that are saved end up in the Hamster Wheel, while those that aren’t go into the Pet Recycler.

If you ever get tired of killing hamsters (though I don’t know why you would), don’t worry. Nevistech said that they have no qualms about adding additional pets besides hamsters, should fans of the game show interest in it.

You can make your hamster killing dream come true on October 29, 2013 when Pet Roulette gets released for Android, available as a free download on Google Play. Remember to always double tap.