Aliens: Isolation to be developed by The Creative Assembly

According to an anonymous source at SEGA, Kotaku has reported that the next game in the Aliens franchise, Aliens: Isolation, will be developed for current-gen and next-gen consoles.

Following the catastrophic release of Aliens: Colonial Marines, Kotaku has stated that Aliens: Isolation will be a First-Person-Shooter developed by The Creative Assembly. You read that right; a first-person-shooter which will be developed by a studio renowned for its work in the strategy genre. This could either be recipe for another disaster, or a recipe for great success. Only time will tell.

Developed by Gearbox Software, 2013’s Aliens: Colonial Marines was criticized for its poor AI, visuals, buggy gameplay, and for relying on a misleading marketing campaign

Not much is known about the game’s setting and story, other than that it will feature Amanda Ripley (Ellen Ripley’s Daughter) as the protagonist, and that it will take place on a single space station. It has also been reported that “there’s only one alien for “most” of the game” and that players will “mostly be shooting through ‘clones and soldiers'”.

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