From the creators of Myst comes…

Back in 1993 there was an adventure puzzle game that reached astounding heights in popularity among the PC gaming and even non-gaming crowd alike.  Myst focused on the exploration of fantastic worlds with occasional puzzles to be solved which all helped push the story along.  These worlds were highly imaginative and beautiful.  At the time (to a certain extent even now) this genre of game is not one easily found, with the closest example being the recently released, Gone Home.  The makers of Myst, Cyan, went on to create subsequent sequels to their wildly heralded game, but none reached the heights of Myst.

It’s been a long time since Cyan has had something original to work on and it looks as if they are finally coming out of the woodwork with their new title, Obduction.  Currently, available for funding on Kickstarter, Obduction is a spiritual successor of sorts to the old Myst games and how they were played.  Rand Miller, which was one of the original minds behind the creation of Myst is heading up this project.  Their base goal is to raise $1.1 million and seem to be well on their way.  Currently, they are about half way there with a little over $500,000 and still have 24 days left to go.

Want to get some nostalgia by viewing some Myst gameplay? Check out the vid!  For more details and a video on this wonderful project check out the Kickstarter to see what Cyan has planned out for their new idea.