Mugen Souls Z will be released in 2014 by NIS, albeit with some cuts

Nippon Ichi Software of America has just acquired the rights to Compile Heart’s Mugen Souls Z.

Like Disgaea, this customizable RPG allows characters to level up to insane heights, deal out massive damage, and tweak stats like crazy:

“Our favorite Undisputed God of the Universe, Chou-Chou, returns with her crew for a brand-new story revolving around the zodiac. Taking place immediately after the first game, you take control of the goddess Sylma, who meets Chou-Chou before the end of the first game’s events. Sylma is out to stop an ancient threat to her world that has recently awakened.”

The game will be released in 2014, but will feature some cuts due to a questionable fan-service type mini-game.  You can read NISA’s official explanation on this forum post.